Babinda Kayak – Australian Local Travel & Tourism Guide

Australia is considered one of the most beautiful places on the earth. If you’re looking to visit down under then you’ll want to have full knowledge of just what to expect. The country is filled with things to do, try some adventurous trekking for the most spectacular views or maybe come do some shopping in Sydney.

Top Accommodation in Australia

Crossley Hotel Melbourne – When it comes to comfort and affordability, go for Crossley Hotel. They’re one of the top boutique hotels in Melbourne, located close to many CBD landmarks.

Charsfield Melbourne Accommodation – Traveling to Melbourne? If so then you’ve got to stay at Charsfield Hotel, it’s one of the top hotels to stay at. It’s close to many close attractions like 1.8 km from Royal Botanic Gardens.

Easy Stay Melbourne – Among our top spots to stay at – if you’re looking for a more luxury apartment solution then Easy Stay would be the place to stay. For a very affordable price stay at some of the most well built apartments in Melbourne!

⊕ Australian Attractions to Visit

We’ve saved you the trouble and put together a few videos that’ll give you a better idea of the different attractions and what places are worth a second visit! Once you see Australia you’ll be coming back for more.

 Ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world! Melbourne offers everything from the most amazing fine dining to some of the most sceanic views. For those of you visiting Australia, make sure to visit Melbourne. The city is well renowned for it’s night life, parties, clubs, restaurants you name it. Everything you expect from a busy and vibrant city!
When someone mentions Australia, the first city that comes to mind is Sydney. The city is world renowned for it’s new years fireworks so make sure you plan your trip to experience it yourself!
One of the most beautiful places in Australia, whether you want to take your family to Australia’s funnest theme parks or just want to enjoy the nature, Queensland is the place for you!

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resource blog postsWe’ve got some experienced travel experts who’ll be writing some great content for you in our blog. We’ll be talking about the various travels destinations in Australia, we’ll go in depth with some of the most experienced travellers.

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